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Facts on chin augmentation

Treatment methods:Fillers or silicone implant
Treatment duration:1-2 hours
Anaesthesia:Local or general anaesthetica
Aftercare:Gentle compression
Removal of sutures:Absorbable sutures used
Costs:From 700 € (Filler), from 2,400 € or from 36 € per month (surgery)

A person’s chin is among their most distinctive facial features. Its prominent shape rounds off the front view of a person, affording their face a sense of harmony. However, many people feel their chin is not as prominent as it should be and impacts on the aesthetics of their face as a whole. Chin augmentation allows us to remedy a small or receding chin with long-lasting results. We adjust the shape of the chin to better match with other facial features, thereby bringing balance to the patient’s facial contours.

At Central Aesthetics, we stand ready to assist and support patients who want to benefit from chin augmentation. In a short surgical procedure, we restore an attractive, aesthetic sense of harmony to the face. It’s common for men to want a more prominent, clear-cut chin, something we can also achieve in this procedure. In doing so, we don’t change the features of a patient’s face – we tone them to their advantage. We’d be happy to arrange a one-to-one consultation to discuss your chin augmentation options.

Frequently asked questions on chin augmentation

We recommend chin augmentation to patients who would like to correct their weakly-defined or receding chin. There can be many reasons behind the desire for chin correction surgery. For many people, a chin set back from the normal position can create the appearance of a double-chin. This not only impacts on the harmony of the facial features but also makes the face appear plumper as a whole.

A receding chin is also often interpreted as a sign of a weakness of character. The lack of clear-cut delineation of the bottom half of the face can make the entire face appear soft and shapeless – a feature that can also affect how an individual is perceived by others. As a result, it’s primarily men who want a more prominent chin in-keeping with the male archetype.

Chin augmentation can also be used to compensate for a large nose. It’s often the case that a nose is actually of normal size, and only appears large because of a receding chin. In such instances, chin correction can be used to restore harmony to a person’s face by creating a sense of proportion.

A chin augmentation procedure corrects the contours of a person’s face, leaving it with a harmonious overall image. It’s an effective method to successfully remedy a range of visible imperfections, such as soft or weak facial features in men. With a range of surgical methods at our disposal, we are able to tailor procedures precisely to suit the patient’s wishes. The result is a well-proportioned face in which the patient’s natural facial features have been toned to their advantage.

In terms of chin augmentation, there are essentially two methods. In the majority of cases, the chin is augmented with the help of implants.

These implants are pre-cast from materials that body tissue can tolerate, and come in a range of shapes and sizes. This allows us to achieve an individual chin structure for each and every patient that blends in harmoniously with their natural facial features.

Another very popular method involves injections of hyaluronic acid. This method is the most kind to the skin, and is also the fastest. The disadvantage of this method is the impermanence of its results: as a general rule, we would expect that a top-up procedure would be required after 1–1.5 years.

Chin correction is a short outpatient procedure carried out under local anaesthetic or with twilight sedation. Before the procedure, we give our patients a detailed one-to-one consultation in which we explain exactly what the course of treatment involves.

In chin augmentation surgery using implants, the surgeon makes an incision inside the mouth in order to insert the implant. This incision is made in the oral vestibule, just below the patient’s front incisors. Alternatively, the surgeon can make the incision from outside the body, in an inconspicuous location behind the point of the chin.

If at all possible, you should avoid smoking for two weeks prior to the chin correction procedure as nicotine can impair wound healing. You should also avoid taking any anticoagulant medication for a short time, after first consulting your doctor. Beyond this, no specific preparation is required.

After surgery, the jawline has to be cooled in order to minimise swelling. We also recommend that you sleep with your torso and head in a raised position. A bandage supports the chin for the first ten days. To prevent infections in the wound area following chin augmentation, a thorough oral hygiene routine is particularly important. Furthermore, you should avoid any impacts to the chin, and should only consume soft foods to begin with.

After a chin augmentation procedure, patients may experience swelling and slight bruising for a short time, though such symptoms normally subside within a few days. If the surgeon inserts the implant via the oral cavity, they use absorbable sutures to close the incisions. You should allow about 14 days for the results to become fully socially presentable.

In rare cases, implants have been known to slip out of place during the healing phase. In such instances, a second operation is required to return the implant to the correct position.

Just like any surgical procedure, chin augmentation does involve certain surgical risks. These include wound healing deficits, allergic reactions and temporary numbness. In rare cases, implants have been known to slip from the correct position during the healing phase. What’s more, if the patient’s oral hygiene is lacking, it’s possible that the surgical wounds may develop infections.

The costs of chin augmentation depend on the surgical method selected and the specific patient’s scope of treatment. At Central Aesthetics, we perform chin augmentations for around €2,400.


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