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Facts on lower eyelid lifting

Treatment methods:Surgical tightening of lower eyelid skin and treatment for bags under the eyes
Treatment duration:1,5-2 hours
Anaesthesia:Local or general anaestetica
Aftercare:Cooling, plaster
Removal of sutures:after 5 - 7 days
Presentable:after 5 - 7 days
Costs:From 3,600 € or from 53 € per month

As we grow older, our facial skin loses its elasticity and begins to slacken. The skin around our eyes is particularly susceptible to this. Small wrinkles and bags under the eyes are often among the first signs of ageing. Changes to our eyelids make our eyes appear tired, drawn and sombre. However, lid lifting can return a radiant expression to the face.

A lower lid lift primarily concerns removing bags under the eyes and any excess skin, achieving lasting results in doing so. In most cases, this relates to protrusions of fatty tissue which occur as a result of natural skin ageing. These protrusions can often be hard to hide with cosmetics, and can be deeply troubling for those affected. In such cases, lower eyelid lifting can produce long-lasting results.

Of course, we’d be delighted to advise you on lower eyelid corrections – call us to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

Frequently asked questions on lower eyelid lifting

Lower eyelid lifting is a surgical procedure to correct the lower eyelids. In this short, outpatient procedure, excess fat tissue is removed and the skin is tightened, leaving the eye area refreshed and reawakened. The surgeon works by making fine incisions in the skin directly below the lash line. If necessary, the related muscles are also tightened to optimise the final treatment results.

Lower lid lifting is a particularly effective method to remedy bags under the eyes. If the skin below a person’s eyes is already considerably slackened and cosmetic solutions have been exhausted, surgical lid lifting is often the only effective form of treatment. At Central Aesthetics, we usually perform lid lifts under local anaesthetic, making an in-patient stay unnecessary.

As the years go by, our facial skin loses its suppleness and begins to slacken. This is part and parcel of the natural ageing process. However, various factors can accelerate skin ageing, such as stress, a lack of sleep and high nicotine consumption. The consequences are slackened lower eyelids which make the face appear tired and sombre.

Alongside tired skin, collections of fat tissue is a further cause of bags under the eyes. As the skin under the eyes is particularly thin, any fat that accumulates here tends to protrude rather unattractively. However, eyelid lifting is usually able to remove excess fatty tissue with no trouble at all.

In a lower eyelid lift, we remove fat tissue along with excess skin. This achieves a tightening effect, and the eye area appears fresh and reawakened. If necessary, the muscular system of the lower eyelid can also be tightened. If you’d like to correct both your upper and lower eyelids, we can combine the procedures to tighten both areas of skin.

Before performing lower eyelid lifting, your surgeon will hold a detailed consultation with you. In this meeting, they will explain the methods of treatment open to you and define a treatment plan. You’ll also be given important information on how to prepare for surgery. For instance, certain medications can hamper blood coagulation and must therefore be avoided for a short time.

Lower eyelid tightening is a brief, low-risk procedure which we normally carry out on an outpatient basis. In most cases, local anaesthetic is sufficient for the surgery. If you would prefer, we can administer a twilight anaesthetic so that you’re not aware of the procedure being carried out. A general anaesthetic is only necessary in exceptional cases.

In the surgery itself, the surgeon makes precise incisions at the pre-defined locations. These incisions follow the contours of the patient’s eyelids, running directly below the lash line. Making the incisions here renders any scars near invisible when healed.

In the next stage, excess skin and protruding fat tissue below the eye is removed or purposefully redistributed. The incisions in the skin below the lash line are then sutured together. After a short recovery time, the patient can leave the practice and get back to their usual activities.

After a procedure to correct the lower eyelid, you should cool the area regularly to begin with. You should also avoid physical exertion for a few days following the procedure. We recommend that you only take up exercise and sporting activities again after 2 weeks.

About 8–10 days after the eyelid lift, the swelling will have largely subsided and you’ll be able to see initial results of the treatment. However, you will have to be patient in waiting for the final results, which take some 2–3 months to develop.

You may experience swelling or slight bruising for a short time following lower eyelid correction treatment. However, such complaints are entirely normal and should subside of their own accord within a few days. You can further accelerate the healing process by cooling the area regularly.

Lower eyelid lifting allows us to achieve long-lasting results in combating bags under the eyes. However, as the ageing process continues, there is a possibility that new areas of excess skin may form at a later point in time. If so, a further procedure could be a sensible choice. Generally speaking, it’s around 10 years before patients consider a second surgery.

Lower eyelid correction is a comparatively straightforward procedure with few risks. In rare cases, however, the procedure may result in scarring, wound healing deficits, secondary haemorrhages or intolerance reactions. Any temporary side effects, such as swelling or bruising, will usually fade quickly on their own.

Lower eyelid corrections only result in tiny scars that are barely noticeable to the naked eye. To keep any scarring to a minimum, we make incisions at the most inconspicuous location possible. When healed, the scars will barely be visible as they run directly below the lash line.

The costs of lower eyelid correction is about €3,600. The final costs may vary somewhat depending on the scope involved.


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