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Facts on lip augmentation

Application areas:Edge of the lips, vermilion border, philtrum, lip contours, drooping corners of the mouth
Treatment duration:15 – 30 mins
Anaesthesia:None; numbing cream or local anaesthetic available on request
Post-treatment:Check-up after approx. 14 days
Results:In principle, immediately after the treatment – due to possible swelling, final results visible after approx. 14 days
Presentable:Depending on possible swelling and bruising, 1–4 days after the treatment
Costs:From 550 €

Our lips are always one of the key focal points of our faces. Full lips, clearly defined lip contours and a finely curved mouth form the quintessential image of allure and sensuality. Yet, as the natural ageing process progresses, our lips lose their volume and become thinner, wrinkles and folds begin to develop, lip contours become less defined and the corners of our mouths start to droop.

Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, we specialise in minimally invasive lip augmentation treatments using hyaluronic acid fillers. With our expert precision and innate sense for aesthetic proportions, we can gently add volume to your lips, create natural-looking lip contours and afford your mouth the youthful curves you desire. In doing so, we place particular importance on achieving aesthetic results that are perfectly tailored to you and your overall appearance.

Frequently asked questions on lip augmentation

Lip filler treatments are, essentially, suitable for all men and women unhappy with the appearance of their lips. A younger person might think their lips have always lacked volume; someone a little older might see how the natural ageing process has thinned their lips and caused wrinkles to disrupt their lip contours. No matter: a gentle lip correction treatment using hyaluronic acid allows us to realise your wishes and create attractively shaped, natural-looking lips.

Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, the safety of our patients is our top priority. We therefore use only high-quality hyaluronic acids from respected manufacturers in our lip filler treatments. These substances have emphatically proven their efficacy and tolerability in numerous studies and over years of practical application.

This depends above all on the natural condition of the patient’s lip and the degree of correction desired. In general, one treatment session is enough to achieve the required results. However, if a patient naturally has very thin lips and would like a more significant correction, we can build up the volume of their lips gradually in several sessions over a longer period of time. Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, we discuss all these aspects in a detailed consultation appointment.

The aesthetic results of lip correction treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers usually last for 6–10 months. The hyaluronic acid injected gradually dissolves and is broken down by the body. You can opt to have a refresher treatment at any time. The more regular your lip treatments with hyaluronic acid, the less material is required to achieve the same degree of correction.

The risks involved in lip augmentation using hyaluronic acid fillers are, essentially, very minor as the treatment doesn’t involve any incisions or anaesthesia. Nevertheless, lip tissue is very sensitive and prone to swelling and bruising. While most patients tend to experience some lip swelling after the treatment, these side effects – caused by the injections– usually recede on their own within just a few days.

In addition, due to the strength of the lip muscles and the fact that this part of the face is almost constantly in motion, the hyaluronic acid can form into small nodules during the first few days. If this happens in your case, you should contact your practitioner to discuss whether gentle self-massage might be helpful. Doing so will not negatively affect the aesthetic results.

After undergoing lip filler treatment, you should try not to open your mouth wider than necessary for the first few days and avoid excessive facial movements and expressions. You should also avoid visiting your dentist for the first 14 days after the treatment. These steps allow the hyaluronic acid to integrate into the tissues uninhibited.

It’s crucial that lip filler treatments are only performed by trained and experienced specialist practitioners. This generally means either dermatologists or aesthetic-plastic surgeons. The number of treatments a practitioner has successfully performed can be a useful indicator of their level of expertise.

The cost of lip correction using hyaluronic acid depends on the patient’s initial situation and their desired degree of correction. Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, we hold a comprehensive consultation with every patient before providing treatment. This allows us to explain in detail not only the inherent risks but also the results the patient can realistically expect and, of course, the costs involved.


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