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Facts on Skinboosters

Areas of application:Face, neck, hands and décolleté
Treatment duration:3x 30-minute treatments at intervals of approx. 4 weeks; refresher treatment every 6–12 months
Anaesthesia:None, mild numbing cream used on request
Post-treatment:None; avoid sun exposure and visits to the sauna or solarium for approx. 7–10 days
Results:Gradual improvement in skin quality; final results visible approx. 2 weeks after final treatment
Presentable:Immediately after the treatment
Costs:From 500 € per session; package offer possible

A fresh appearance radiates health, beauty and vitality. As we grow older, however, our skin loses its tautness and elasticity. Its natural hyaluronic acid content falls and the production of collagen and elastin reduces; wrinkles form, expressions begin to appear tired and the skin’s structure loses its taut, youthful appearance. Although this ageing process is entirely normal, many people feel a desire to refresh their appearance and look as young as they feel.

Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, we can help your skin to regain visible and tangible freshness and elasticity using Restylane SkinboostersTM. The treatment almost acts like a "hydrating mask, working from within". It is suitable for men and women of any age to improve the quality of their skin with results that look entirely natural. SkinboostersTM are a special treatment comprising tender, gently stabilising gels derived from hyaluronic acid. Injected into the skin in tiny quantities across entire areas of the face, neck, hands or décolleté, these gels retain water for several months. This replenishes your skin cells’ moisture levels, thereby stimulating the body’s inherent collagen and hyaluronic acid production processes.

This innovative approach to deep-acting hydration using Restylane® SkinboostersTM enhances the complexion and results in a taut, smooth and thoroughly radiant skin.

Restylane® SkinboostersTM combine perfectly with other cosmetic and aesthetic treatments – such as wrinkle injections using Botox or hyaluronic acid as well as HydraFacial treatments. Here at beauteous in Frankfurt, our specialist practitioners will be happy to create an individual treatment programme tailored to you. Click the links below to make an appointment:

Frequently asked questions on skin rejuvenation with Skinboosters

Skinboosters are made up of synthetic, specially formulated hyaluronic acid that patients generally tolerate very well. Due to their consistency and the ability to remain stable in dermal tissue, Skinboosters ensure deep-acting hydration of the skin. Restylane® SkinboostersTM comprise two related products. Restylane® VitalTM is designed for use on thicker skin, while Restylane® VitalTM Light is better suited to areas where the skin is thinner.

Skinboosters are an effective treatment wherever targeted tissue hydration can improve the quality of the skin. One of the most common areas of application is the face. Areas of skin that have traditionally been difficult to treat – such as the neck, hands and décolleté – can also be rejuvenated and refreshed with Skinboosters and deliver impressive results.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in our body. Its role is to store water in tissue and cells, which gives the skin its elasticity and vitality. As we grow older, our tissues’ hyaluronic acid content naturally decreases. Skinboosters help to replenish the body’s hyaluronic acid levels and restore the skin’s moisture balance. Skin regains its elasticity and tautness, appearing smoother, more supple and youthfully radiant once again.

You’ll be able to see a slight lifting effect straight after the first treatment. Skinboosters aren’t designed to resolve individual deep-lying wrinkles; instead, the treatment rejuvenates entire areas of skin. Like a “hydrating mask, working from within”, the gels spread beneath the skin and provide cells with a sustainable supply of moisture. The positive effects of Skinboosters treatment develop gradually over several weeks. Over time, the skin’s elasticity improves; the complexion becomes more even, more radiant and appears visibly refreshed. 

Although it may be possible to detect these effects after only the first treatment, here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, our specialist practitioners recommend a series of treatment sessions that work gradually to deliver the desired results. The exact number of sessions required depends among other aspects on the condition of your skin, your desired results and the area of skin to be treated. Once the initial course of treatment is completed, we recommend annual refresher treatments.

In principle, anyone can benefit from the positive effects of the Restylane® SkinboostersTM treatment here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, regardless of their skin type, degree of skin ageing or skin condition. Skinboosters can also be used to treat acne scars and restore a sense of harmony to heavily light-damaged skin. What’s more, Skinboosters are also particularly well suited to preventing premature skin ageing.

Tiny quantities of the transparent gel are injected across entire areas of skin (face, neck, hands, décolleté). Within the first 14 days, the gels start to bind water in the tissue, providing the skin with a sustained, long-term supply of moisture. The treatment is straightforward and takes around 30 minutes.

As the injections use blunt-tipped cannulas, patients experience very little discomfort. The tip of the cannula is slightly rounded, allowing it to glide gently through tissue without damaging blood vessels, nerves or the structure of the skin. With the help of blunt-tipped cannulas and the so-called tunnel technique, your doctor will need to make only a small number of injections to treat a large region of skin. This markedly lowers the risk of bruising and swelling compared to procedures using sharp-tipped hypodermic needles. 

Combining Skinboosters with a HydraFacial treatment can further intensify the rejuvenating effects on the complexion of your skin.

Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, to help our patients achieve the best aesthetic results possible, we recommend 2 or 3 sessions to build the results gradually, held at intervals of around 4 weeks. We then recommend refresher treatments every 6 months to 1 year.

Of course! Here at Central Aesthetics in Frankfurt, our cosmetic and dermatological expertise enables us to tailor a treatment programme to your skin type, your desired outcomes, any specific requests or requirements you might have and even the time of year.

Skinboosters can markedly enhance the results of wrinkle treatments using Botox or hyaluronic acid. You can also achieve spectacular results by complementing Skinboosters with a HydraFacial treatment.


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