Volume and wrinkle treatment with lipofilling

Facts on lipofilling

Areas of application:Cheeks, lower eyelids, upper eyelids, chin, hands, nose, chest…
Treatment duration:60-120 min
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthetic, with sedation if required, or general anaesthetic
Post-treatment:Supporting garment, bra, check-ups after 1 week, 3 months, 1 year
Presentable:Depending on the area, the next day or longer
Costs:From 2,500 €

As the years go by, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to slacken. When the first wrinkles begin to appear, a person’s face can soon appear tired and unhappy. If cosmetic treatments alone are no longer enough to achieve the desired effects, surgery to return volume to the skin could be an option.

Lipofilling allows us to offer our patients a gentle facial rejuvenation treatment. In this procedure, fat tissue from elsewhere in the body is injected into the facial skin. This means that skin which may have lost its volume over the years can be smoothed out, achieving lasting results without any synthetic fillers.

Find out more about volume treatment using lipofilling with a non-binding consultation. We at Central Aesthetics would be happy to arrange a one-to-one consultation at your convenience.

Frequently asked questions on lipofilling

Lipofilling is a gentle method to restore lost volume to the skin using the patient’s own body fat. Parts of the skin that have become slack are injected with fat tissue from elsewhere in the body, thereby regaining the volume lost. Unlike other facial treatments to smoothen the skin, lipofilling does not use any synthetic agents or substances whatsoever. As a result, there is no risk of allergic reactions or intolerances.

A facial rejuvenation treatment with lipofilling is a particularly effective way to smooth out deeper, more prominent facial wrinkles. What’s more, certain parts of the face can be contoured and toned in a carefully targeted manner. Lipofilling has also proven itself an effective method to rejuvenate the appearance of the back of the hand. However, for minor facial wrinkles – also known as expression lines – we would recommend a wrinkle treatment with Botox.

Lipofilling is a two-stage procedure. First of all, fat tissue has to be extracted from a suitable location elsewhere in the body. Most of the time, it is taken from typical problem areas such as the waist, stomach and thighs. The extracted fat tissue is then prepared before being injected in the desired locations.

In contrast to other wrinkle treatments, in lipofilling the problems are consciously overcorrected. This is because the body does not accept all fat cells in the first treatment – though the proportion of cells accepted varies from patient to patient. As a result, in some cases it can be advisable to wait several months before undergoing a second treatment.

Before a volume-boosting treatment with lipofilling, we will hold an in-depth, personal consultation with you. Your doctor will give you detailed information on next steps. They will also work with you to define the scope of the treatment and the precise locations for fat extraction. They will also provide some important tips on how you can prepare yourself for the surgery. Beyond this, there are no special preparatory measures you need to take.

A facial rejuvenation treatment using lipofilling is a low-risk procedure which takes around two hours. The treatment is usually performed on an outpatient basis with local anaesthetic. To begin with, the surgeon removes fat tissue from the pre-defined locations on the patient’s body. This fat tissue is then prepared for transfer. In the next step, the practitioner injects the prepared fat cells around the facial wrinkles.

Exactly how many fat cells are injected depends on your specific case and your desired results. In any case, the doctor will initially make a slight overcorrection. After a few months, they will be able to evaluate how many of the implanted fat cells have been accepted by the body – and a second treatment can then be carried out if necessary.

The treated areas are cooled following the procedure. However, in most cases, no further medical monitoring is necessary, which means you can also leave the practice the same day.

As a general rule, volume-boosting treatments with lipofilling don’t require intensive aftercare. You should simply avoid intensive physical exertion for a few days following the procedure. The results will be presentable after 1–2 days, at which point you can get back to your usual social commitments. The end result of the treatment will be visible after a few months. If necessary, the treatment then can be repeated to top up the effect.

You may experience brief redness, swelling or bruising following a lipofilling treatment. However, such symptoms generally resolve themselves within a matter of days. As lipofilling only uses material taken from the patient’s body as a filler, there is virtually no chance of intolerance reactions.

Lipofilling treatments allow us to achieve long-lasting results that usually last several years. However, volume may be lost again in the natural skin ageing process. Further lipofilling treatments can be carried out as often as required and desired.

Lipofilling is a low-risk procedure in which you shouldn’t expect any serious complications. You might experience some minor side effects after the treatment, such as redness or swelling, though such complaints usually subside in a few days.

Facial treatments with lipofilling exclusively use the patient’s own body fat as a filler. There is therefore no risk of intolerance or allergic reactions. As we usually carry out the treatment under local anaesthetic, the risks of a general aesthetic don’t apply, either.

We use fine needles that do not cause visible scarring to inject the patient’s own body fat. Lipofilling procedures don’t require incisions of any kind.

Here at Central Aesthetics, we carry out volume-boosting treatments for around €2000. The precise costs depend on the scope of treatment in your individual case.


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