Radio frequency therapy

Facts on radiofrequency therapy

Areas of application:Face, neck, cleavage, hands, knees
Duration of treatment:30-60 minutes
Follow-up treatment:No special post-treatment necessary
Presentable:Immediately depending on the region, at the latest 1 - 2 days later


Our society has long considered flawless skin to be a key part of its ideal of beauty. Some people can find the first wrinkles or skin imperfections very troubling, as they feel their complexion is being tarnished. Despite this, many people are somewhat daunted by classic skin treatments: they worry that such procedures will make their facial features and movements appear unnatural or mask-like.

However, with radio frequency therapy, we at Central Aesthetics offer our patients a particularly gentle skin rejuvenation method. This novel therapy is based on radio waves, as the thermal radiation they provide triggers deep-acting skin renewal. The result is a visible, long-lasting improvement of the skin’s complexion.

At Central Aesthetics, we use radio frequency therapy as an effective anti-wrinkle and skin-tautening treatment. We would be happy to advise you personally on the radio frequency therapy options open to you.

Frequently asked questions on radio frequency therapy

Radio frequency therapy is a non-operative method to tauten tissue through targeted application of thermal radiation.

We precisely control the duration, depth and intensity of the impulses applied. This makes it possible for your practitioner to protect the surface of your skin and only heat the lower layers of tissue. This stimulates the production of collagen.

Thanks to the precise nature of this procedure, radio frequency therapy is markedly kinder to the skin than other comparable treatments. The upper layer of skin is burdened less than in laser treatments, and it also causes no scarring or major swelling. Overcorrection is also not possible in radio frequency therapy.

Radio frequency therapy is a particularly effective treatment for large-pored, slackened and wrinkled skin. The treatment precisely stimulates collagen production so that the skin regenerates itself from within. The result is skin that is visibly rejuvenated and tautened.

At Central Aesthetics, we also use radio frequency therapy to improve the appearance of scars. The innovative procedure can also treat stretch marks and marks left behind by pregnancy. It also stimulates the breakdown of fat cells, reducing the size of fat deposits.

Radio frequency therapy is a minimally invasive procedure performed over a series of sessions. A session takes around 40–60 minutes. Taking preparation and aftercare into account, you should allow around 2 hours for each treatment.

The first step is to numb the upper layer of skin with a special cream. The practitioner then manoeuvres the device over the skin in circular motions. This heats the lower layers of skin while an integrated cooling system protects the upper dermal layers.

After a brief period of aftercare, you will be ready to leave the practice – at which point, an initial tautening effect will already be visible. To protect the treated areas of skin, you should avoid visits to the sauna and intensive sporting activities immediately after the procedure. Beyond this, there are no other specific aftercare requirements.

To achieve a long-lasting result, we recommend a series of 2–5 sessions depending on the body region in question. It’s important to keep an interval of 6–8 weeks between the individual sessions. Exactly how many sessions would be beneficial in your case is an issue your practitioner will discuss in a consultation appointment.

The results of radio frequency therapy develop gradually following the procedure as it takes the body some time to produce new collagen. In fact, it can take several weeks or even months for tissue to regenerate completely.

On average, the results of radio frequency therapy last for around 2–3 years. We can also use this procedure to remove deep scars permanently.

Radio frequency therapy is a gentle method to tauten facial skin and, when carried out correctly, entails no risks. However, it’s important that the practitioner has been properly trained and has sufficient experience working with the radio frequency system. If performed incorrectly, the procedure could in isolated cases lead to burns or other skin damage.

Patients often experience slight redness after the treatment, though such symptoms usually disappear in a matter of hours. Radio frequency therapy does not result in scarring and only causes very minimal swelling.

You can get back to your usual activities straight after the procedure. Any slight redness will usually dissipate within a few hours. You will be presentable as usual within 1–2 days at most.

The costs of radio frequency therapy depend on the individual treatment effort and can vary according to the treated skin area.


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