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Facts on hand rejuvenation

Treatment methods:Fat transfer or fillers
Treatment duration:30-45 min
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthetica
Post-treatment:Gentle massage
Removal of sutures:none
Presentable:1-2 days

As we grow older, the skin on our hands increasingly loses its suppleness and elasticity. The skin loses its volume, leaving the hands looking bony as veins begin to protrude from under the skin. Many of those affected first turn to creams and salves to improve their skin. However, even if such products are applied intensively, the skin never becomes as smooth and supple as it once was – which makes the search for a lasting solution all the more pressing. Ultimately, our hands are on display in everything we do in life.

If age has left obvious marks on a person’s hands, hand rejuvenation is often the best course of action. By using this pain-free treatment, we add visible volume and noticeable suppleness to the back of the hand. To do this, we inject special, easy-to-tolerate fillers into the skin. The result is visibly rejuvenated skin which has regained its youthful freshness and tautness.

Hand rejuvenation is suitable for anyone who is unhappy with the aged appearance of their hands. At Central Aesthetics, we offer professional hand rejuvenation treatments, which can be combined with other treatments as you wish. For instance, it can help to remove troublesome liver spots from your hands.

Frequently asked questions on hand rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation is a minimally invasive treatment method in which we rejuvenate the appearance of hands, in particular the backs of hands. By precisely injecting fillers, we gently return an attractive plumpness to the skin. As a result, the hand regains its lost volume and once again appears fresh and toned.

Hand rejuvenation is particularly effective and well-suited to combating the first signs of skin ageing. Parts of skin that have become slack are rendered plumper and healthier, while bones, tendons and veins appear less pronounced. Hand rejuvenation can also be used to treat unattractive liver spots. You’ll be able to see the first results of hand rejuvenation treatment straight away.

Hand rejuvenation could be of benefit to anyone whose hands are starting to show the first signs of ageing. If the skin on your hands has visibly lost its volume and become less supple, we can use injections to help it regain a smooth, attractive appearance. Even people whose bones and tendons are very prominent can benefit from hand rejuvenation with fillers.

Before treatment, we give each patient a comprehensive consultation. In a one-to-one appointment, your practitioner will discuss the procedure itself as well as the risks and costs involved. They will also pay close attention to your hopes and wishes for the treatment in order to create an individual treatment plan.

Hand rejuvenation itself takes around 30–60 minutes, and is performed on an outpatient basis. To ensure the treatment is pain-free for you, the practitioner starts by applying a numbing cream to the skin. When it has taken effect, they inject filler at specific, defined points in the skin. They use atraumatic, blunt cannulas to do so in order to minimise any damage to the skin.

The first effects of hand rejuvenation treatment are visible immediately after treatment, while the final results will develop over around 2 days. You can leave the practice as soon as the treatment is over, and can get back to your daily activities as normal.

We would be happy to accommodate a patient request to combine hand rejuvenation with another skin treatment. This would also allow us to remove any troublesome liver spots and optimise the treatment results.

The results of hand rejuvenation last for about 5–8 months. As soon as the effects fade, the treatment can be repeated at your leisure.

Here at Central Aesthetics, making our treatments as painless as possible for our patients is a top priority. This is why we numb the areas of skin to be treated with a special anaesthetic cream. As a result, all you’ll feel of the injection is a slight prick.

We recommend avoiding visits to the sauna and any strenuous manual activities for the rest of the day. You should allow about 2 days for the final results to take shape. After that, you can go about your daily life and social obligations free from any restrictions.

Hand rejuvenation with fillers is a low-risk procedure which, when carried out correctly, shouldn’t cause any issues. The fillers used are usually very well tolerated by patients. Slight swelling or redness may develop immediately after the procedure, but should dissipate of its own accord within a few days. In rare cases, the treatment can damage tiny vessels, resulting in small amount of bruising. However, such symptoms should also fade within a matter of days.

Depending on the scope of treatment in your individual case, the costs may vary somewhat. We will gladly provide you with detailed information on treatment costs in a preliminary one-to-one appointment.


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