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Facts on intimate surgery

Treatment methods:Reduction of labia minora or augmentation of labia majora
Treatment duration:1-2 hours
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic
Post-treatment:Hip baths
Removal of sutures:Absorbable sutures used
Presentable:1-2 days
Costs:From 2,800 € or from 41 € per month

In our society, there are certain matters which remain taboo and are rarely discussed – and intimacy is one such topic. It’s not uncommon for women to be unhappy with their genitals; they might consider their labia to be too big or too long. Yet very few women feel this is a problem they can discuss with someone else, even if it’s impacting on their sex life and sense of well-being. Many women even experience severe pain as a result of their oversized labia, such as when pressure is placed on the genital area when riding a bike.

However, labia correction surgery is an effective method to reduce the size of labia which have grown to be too big or too long. A variety of techniques can be used to remove a section of the labia in an outpatient procedure. What’s more, the labia majora can also be augmented if required – such as in the event they don’t completely cover the labia minora. The result of this surgery is a symmetrical, well-formed genital area. The procedure’s long-lasting results can also enhance or restore a woman’s feeling of physical wellness and self-confidence.

At Central Aesthetics, we’d be happy to advise you personally on intimate surgery. In a private atmosphere, we would answer any questions you might have and discuss how best to achieve your desired results. Call us today to arrange a consultation appointment.


Frequently asked questions on intimate surgery

In intimate surgery, we perform a range of treatments to correct the female genital area. These include in particular labia minora reduction, carried out when the labia minora are too prominent, as well as labia majora augmentation. We perform labia majora augmentation using either hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own body fat.

A labia minora reduction can also be combined with labia tightening surgery or cliteroplasty, also known as cliteral hood reduction. We can also work to correct the mons veneris if it has grown too prominent or has become deformed as a result of Caesarean section scars. In this procedure, we remove excess skin and fat tissue to restore an aesthetic, attractive transition between the stomach and mons veneris.

Intimate surgery is suitable for any and all patients who are troubled by their misshapen, prominent or oversized labia and who would like a lasting solution. Treatment to correct the labia may also be a prudent choice if their natural size or shape is inhibiting or causing pain in a person’s daily routine and sex life. For the surgery to be successful, the woman’s body must firstly be fully developed.

We usually perform labia surgery as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic. In an initial one-to-one consultation, your doctor will provide you with precise information on the procedure and how to prepare for the surgery.

It’s important to protect the treated area for several weeks after surgery: you should avoid exercise, sexual intercourse, cycling and any strenuous activities during this time. In the first days following the surgery, we recommend wearing close-fitting underwear and sanitary towels or dressings in order to apply gentle compression to the treated areas.

We use absorbable sutures to close the surgical wounds, which means they do not need to be removed.

Surgery to correct the labia takes around an hour and is almost always performed on an outpatient basis. To begin with, the areas to be treated are disinfected and a local anaesthetic administered. The surgeon then begins to remove any excess tissue either manually or using radiosurgery. They then use appropriate incision techniques to achieve your desired result. Finally, the surgical wounds are sutured with absorbable materials.

In labia majora augmentation, the practitioner injects hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own body fat into the skin tissue of the labia. In the case of labia majora augmentation using the patient’s own body fat, the fat is firstly taken from another part of the patient’s body before being cleansed and prepared for injection. The patient’s body will break down some of the injected fat tissue, meaning that several sessions may be required to achieve the desired results. Labia correction treatment using hyaluronic acid needs to be repeated at regular intervals to ensure the results are lasting.

After the surgery has been carried out, the treated areas are cooled and a bandage applied. After a brief period of recovery, you will be ready to leave the practice again. However, you should take care to protect the area for the first few hours, and shouldn’t walk any great distances.

After surgery to correct the intimate region, you may experience pain and swelling at first. However, such side effects should subside within a few days, to the extent that you can go about your daily commitments as usual. Despite this, you should avoid exercise, cycling, horse riding and physically strenuous activities for a few weeks.

Intimate surgery is an effective way to resolve a whole array of problems in the genital region, achieving lasting results in doing so. Over-prominent labia can be surgically reduced so that they no longer cause pain during a woman’s daily routine or impede her sex life. Treatment to augment the labia majora allows us to restore the natural protective barrier which shields the genital area against bacteria and foreign bodies. Intimate surgery can often increase sensory pleasure during sex, particularly if the shape or size of a woman’s labia or clitoral hood had previously impeded this.

Many patients benefit from considerably boosted self-confidence and physical wellness following intimate surgery. Comparatively straightforward procedures to reduce or shape a woman’s labia allow us to afford the area an aesthetic shape and form. Smaller labia no longer stand out against clothing or swimwear. Intimate surgery can also correct and restore the relation between the labia majora and minora.

Generally speaking, surgery to correct the labia is low-risk. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility that the results will not be as expected. This is why we take time to discuss the procedure with you in detail and create a precise plan together. We strive to ensure that you go into the surgery with realistic expectations of the outcome.

As with any surgical procedure, intimate surgery also involves a certain general operating risk. In rare cases, complications can include wound healing deficits, swelling or inflammation. However, the patient themselves can also help to prevent such occurrences by practising diligent and careful aftercare.

The costs can vary depending on the treatment scope and your desired results. We’d be happy to arrange a one-to-one consultation to establish and discuss the costs you can expect in your individual case.


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