Plasma therapy with planoplas®

Expressive, open eyes radiate vitality and a zest for life. However, when age begins to take its toll on our faces, wrinkles can quickly form around the eyes. The result is a tired, sombre facial expression that ages us, making us appear older than we actually are.

Aesthetic medicine offers a whole array of effective methods to smoothen wrinkles and tauten eyelids. Alongside laser therapy, radio frequency therapy and surgical eyelid lifting, we at beauteous place high value on plasma therapy. In this innovate procedure, we work with state-of-the-art plasma technology to remove excess tissue in a controlled manner before tautening wrinkles.

The planoplas® treatment is primarily deployed as a gentle method of lid lifting. However, the procedure is equally effective when used as a general wrinkle treatment, as well as to tauten skin, reduce scarring, treat stretch marks and improve the appearance of all kinds of skin complaints.

If you would like to find out more about planoplas®, we would be happy to hold a comprehensive consultation with you. We’ll use this one-to-one appointment to discuss whether and how your desired results can be achieved using plasma therapy.

Frequently asked questions on plasma therapy

What is planoplas®?

The planoplas® plasma treatment is a new form of skin tautening in which we work with state-of-the-art plasma technology. The plasma applicator ionises ambient air to produce tiny discharges. These heat the skin at specific points, removing the upper layer of skin and thereby achieving a tautening effect. During this process, the upper layer of skin contracts and becomes somewhat tauter.

In plasma treatments, we work purely with the surface of the skin, meaning that the deeper layers of skin remain untouched. Sufficient intervals are kept between the individual plasma spots (as the discharge sites are known) for the skin to regenerate completely. The skin then heals fully with no scarring. Following planoplas® therapy, your facial skin will appear fresher, tauter and more even.

Which areas can planoplas® therapy treat?

At beauteous, we use the planoplas® technique as a gentle eyelid lifting method. With this method, we can achieve lasting improvements in the appearance of drooping eyelids, crow’s feet and eyelid wrinkles. What’s more, the planoplas® method is also suitable for treating wrinkles, stretch marks and excess skin in various parts of the body. For instance, it can be deployed as an effective treatment to smoothen lip wrinkles or excess skin around the ear.

In aesthetic medicine, planoplas® plasma therapy is also used to treat scarring. Potential areas of application include scarring resulting from acne or surgery as well as warts, pigmentation and various benign skin conditions.

However, the planoplas® method is not a suitable remedy for heavily drooping eyelids. In most cases, drooping eyelids are not simply caused by excess skin: for many patients, the subcutaneous muscle structure has also slackened, which can lead to the formation of localised fat pads. These are aspects that also have to be taken into consideration in lid lifting, which is why surgical lifts are often more effective options. We’d be happy to advise you personally on which methods would be suitable in your case.

What does skin therapy with planoplas® involve?

planoplas® plasma therapy is a short outpatient procedure which we carry out under local anaesthetic. Before the procedure, your therapist will inspect the areas to be treated and take photos for documentation purposes. They will then work with you to define the precise scope of treatment.

The plasma treatment itself starts with cleansing and numbing the relevant areas of skin. We use a special numbing cream as a local anaesthetic. As the treatment is almost painless, no other anaesthetics or sedatives are required.

The therapist then begins to guide the application over the skin. In doing so, they arrange numerous tiny plasma spots in a dense pattern. However, your therapist will take care to leave enough healthy skin between the plasma spots to induce regeneration after the treatment.

Following planoplas® therapy, the therapist disinfects and cools the treated areas. The patient can then leave the practice straight away. In the days that follow, small scabs will form on the treated areas and gradually heal of their own accord – after which, the final result of the treatment will be immediately visible.

How long does plasma therapy take, and how many sessions will I need?

Depending on the area treated, planoplas® treatments last around an hour. A tautening effect is visible immediately after the treatment. After the tiny wounds have healed, you’ll be able to see the final results. To achieve an optimal tautening effect, two treatments roughly one month apart are usually sufficient. The planoplas® plasma treatment can then be repeated as often as you wish.

What are the benefits of planoplas® therapy?

planoplas® therapy is a new form of skin tautening in which we work without making any incisions or unduly irritating the skin. The plasma applicator allows us to smooth out wrinkles in a very precise manner that is kind to skin tissue. Only a tiny area of the skin is ablated, and the tissue regenerates itself completely after the treatment. The result is gentle, natural skin tautening with no risk of overcorrection.

The shrinking effect generated means that planoplas® therapy is suitable for treating a range of wrinkles, skin conditions and excess skin. Due to the very safe, low-pain nature of the procedure, even sensitive parts of the face can be treated. Aftercare is straightforward and simply involves a few basic behavioural rules. The treatment can also be repeated as often as necessary until you’re entirely satisfied with the results.

How long do the results of planoplas® therapy last?

Plasma treatments allow us to achieve long-lasting, natural-looking skin tautening. Depending on the area treated, the lifting effect lasts around 3–4 years – at which point, the procedure can be repeated at any time.

Are there any hidden risks or side effects in planoplas® therapy?

Plasma therapy is a low-risk procedure in which we work precisely and treat the skin kindly. The risk of overcorrection is essentially excluded. Nor does the treatment create any scars, as the applicator only impacts on tiny areas of the skin.

However, slight redness or swelling can sometimes develop for a short time following the treatment. Such symptoms usually subside after a few days. When at home, it’s crucial that you don’t cool the areas treated, and instead keep them dry and allow them to heal on their own. We also recommend that you use skincare products with a high level of UV protection for 2–3 months after therapy – and avoid visiting the sauna and solarium as well as sunbathing and exercising for a short period afterwards. If you fail to follow these rules, there is a risk that pigmentations may shift or that scars could form.

Is planoplas® therapy painful?

planoplas® is a low-pain procedure, and a mild local anaesthetic is usually perfectly adequate. During the procedure, you might feel a slight tingling sensation at most, and you needn’t worry about any pain following planoplas® therapy.

What are the costs of planoplas® plasma treatment?

Depending on the scope and desired result of the treatment, planoplas® therapy can cost between €300–750.

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Plasma therapy allows us to offer our patients a particularly gentle eyelid lifting treatment. Here at beauteous, we also use plasma therapy as an effective treatment for facial wrinkles, stretch marks and a whole host of other skin complaints. Of course, if you have any questions relating to plasma therapy, we stand ready to advise you. You can contact us via our contact form or by telephone at +49 (0)69 902 871 13. We look forward to hearing from you!

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